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Monday, April 25, 2016

Word to Your Mother: Books Your Mom is Sure to Love

Catchy title, right? Try getting that one out of your head today.

But 90’s rap isn’t why you’re here, so let’s get down to business!

Mother’s Day is just thirteen short days away, and, like many people, you may be feeling lost as to what you’ll be purchasing for the mom(s) in your life.

As a big-time bookworm, I believe you can never go wrong with a good book, so I rounded up a few of my favorites from the past year or so, and posted the Amazon link (because PRIME SHIPPING). Also, nobody paid me, bribed me, or blackmailed me with my seventh grade yearbook photo to post nice things about their books. I just really liked these ones, and I think most moms will too.

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I’ve read this book no less than five times, and you’re all getting sick of hearing about it from me, but let me tell you something: This is an outstanding book for moms. There’s all kinds of good stuff in there! From being the mom of little ones, all the way to sending our kiddos out into the world; it’s encouraging and funny from page one. Also—recipes. Good ones!

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I “met” Kayla on the For the Love launch team, and had the privilege of reading this book over the holiday season, when life was rough. Kayla’s book about delivering her daughter, Scarlette, at twenty-five weeks’ gestation, gave me hope when it felt like there was none.

Despite the weighty topic, Kayla expertly inserts humor and godly advice into her writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling uplifted after I read the book. (Which happened in the middle of the night. In one sitting.)

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A blogger at The Mom Creative, Jessica reminds us moms to make time for ourselves. She encourage us to find pockets of time to do what we really love. Jessica believes taking time for self-care makes us better wives, mothers and friends. I happen to agree!

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Another For the Love launcher, Erin chronicles her struggle with, and triumph over breast cancer, while she mothered her young son. Her story is powerful and beautiful, and I highly recommend this one for moms.

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Confession: All the heart eyes go to Mindy Kaling. I just love her. Can’t help it, won’t deny it. Her book is hilarious, and if your mom loves Mindy, The Office, The Mindy Project, or simply laughing in general, you’ll be her favorite kid if you buy her this book.

*This book isn’t “religious” at all, and it has some swear words. If your mom isn’t into swearing, please don’t buy her this book. If she is into swearing, (or just doesn’t mind it) buy this immediately.

Cavallini and Co. Roma Lussa Journal found at

Some moms enjoy writing words in addition to reading them. This beautiful, high quality journal is perfect for Bible study, a gratitude journal, or for any reason mom wants to write. I received one as a gift from Joe last Christmas, and I love it. Your mom might like it, too.

The best part? You can personalize it here if you want to! 

I hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful. Even if you haven’t found something for mom, maybe you’ve found a treat for you. It doesn’t hurt to drop hints like crazy and share the heck out of this blog. I mean, I’ve never shared anything as a hint to my husband, but maybe you do.  (That was a lie. I do it for every holiday and my birthday. If President’s Day was a gift giving occasion, I’d do it then too.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my sweet friends! Keep up the good, hard, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating work. (There are a ton of adjectives that describe motherhood, which is why we need to thank our moms!)

Do you have some other book recommendations? If so, I’d love for you to share them in the comments! 


  1. I love these books! I have read a few of them and the others are on my list. Great list! Happy Mother's Day, Becky!

  2. Awesome list, girl! I'm adding a few to my list!