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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Sweet Berry Series Part Two- Fearless

Last weekend, my family went on a little journey to a strawberry farm in the Texas Hill Country. During that half-day trip, I was inspired, convicted, and greatly blessed. This blog is part two of a three part series called The Sweet Berry Series.

I wish I were more like my three year old.

Yeah, I said it.

Wide Open!

See, I’m a naturally cautious person. I don’t jump from high things, do flips off the diving board, or cross the boundaries of a “No Trespassing” sign. I head into most relationships and adventures with my guard up until I’m sure that all circumstances and people can be trusted. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed out on some awesome experiences because of this. I definitely consider it a personality flaw. I mean, some common sense is good, but friends, we need to do scary things!

Then there’s G. She lives life WIDE OPEN. Last summer, she drove a Buzz Lightyear trike down my dad’s outdoor stairs. She busted her face up pretty good, but Dad was more of a disaster than she was. She is scared of nothing. No dog is too big, no stranger too strange, no slide is too high.

So, obviously, she terrifies me.

Going to Sweet Berry only highlighted the fact that I am the innocent bystander to G’s Iron Man. While I was hesitant to put my hand in the goat pens for fear of having it removed, G thrust her little paw in there and cackled as goat lips tickled her palm. She grabbed (and pulled!) goat horns, and even tried giving one a smooch! She had a blast because she was fearless.

Until Sweet Berry, G had never seen a horse up close. We’ve driven past them, and she’s seen them in books, but she’s never been within arm’s reach. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but imagine my shock when she marched right up to the most precious mare, sweet talked her into bringing her head down to her level, and wrapped her arms around that horse, pressing up cheek-to-cheek. Y’all, I let the horse smell the back of my hand, and gave its neck a good rub. I wasn’t putting my face in its face.

I know that part of G’s fearlessness is a lack of experience. She doesn’t know to be afraid. But secretly I’m hoping that the courageous part of her is God-breathed. I pray this bravery (coupled with a crazy amount of stubbornness) is a tool God will use for His kingdom. The Church needs brave people like G to go out and do the hard things. I pray she’ll never be afraid to do the tough stuff. Living like Jesus takes bravery. Mission work takes bravery. Rescuing lost people takes bravery.

I can learn so much from my girl’s fearlessness. The Bible tells us to “fear not,” (or something similar) over 100 times. When I trust God to lead me, I don’t have to be afraid. I get to believe that He will take care of me, even if I’m still a little scared.  My faith in God may not erase my fear, but it will overcome it.

So, while I’ll leave grabbing goat horns and coming face-to-face with horses to G, I will join her in living a bit more fearlessly. Because the Kingdom needs people who are willing to worry less about themselves, and more about living like Jesus.

How can you step out and be brave today?  I’d love to read your answers in the comments!

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